Welcome to the New Site!


Like many of you, the events of 2020 triggered a revisit of how to approach things. 

Shipping hiccups, scarcity of products, unforeseen delays. 

But after the initial storm, a new trend is emerging with an increase in desire to support local, independent businesses. You folks are rocking it!  We are here to support you and we are proud to be a Canadian company.  Check out our About Us page if you want to know our whole story and why we "get" your requests.

Why a new site?  

The new site is all about top-notch customer service.

We heard your requests for updates on when things are coming - we now have a WishList feature that will notify you when things are here.  There's other cool features for planning your future candle lines within that WishList tool.

We heard of your headaches with parcel delivery.  Now you can choose your preferred method and you will get tracking as it moves.

With the new site, there is no more waiting to open your parcel and finding out that something was not available.  If you can put it in your cart, then we have it.

Phone, tablet, laptop... easy navigation on any device.

Improved order detail and re-order info.

Filter, sort or search.  It should be super easy to find things.  (This is a huge time saver, be sure to play with these features!)

What do I need to do?  

You will need to re-register. This is a brand new platform and there was no way to bring over your history.  Not to worry, we have it here.  Email info@vccandle.com if you need details from your old account history.  We have access until May 2021.

Freight costs may seem high.  Again, this is something that we will be monitoring for the next little bit to refine the back end data to make the most accurate freight quotes possible. Our mission is to get great rates and pass those on to you.  If your freight is inaccurate, we will be refunding the excess as we work through this process.

 Anything else?

We are fragrance focused!  Whether it's choice, availability, pricing, guaranteed quantities for larger projects, information and technical documents, we've got you covered.  This is a big undertaking.  Keep your requests coming, we will continue to improve.  Do a review! We post them all - the good and the bad.  Don't take our word for it.  It's better to know what others think.

After all, it's the fragrance that matters!  (There's another whole blog just on this)

We have been working to create parallel (dupes) of some more popular fragrances. This allows us to work on better pricing.  If there are two similar fragrances, the "dupe" will be the VCC version.  The original will be the reseller version.  You should see this noted in the description of the fragrance.  A great example of this is Campfire Smoke (original) and Campfire (VCC).  A close match in fragrance notes, a drastic difference in price!

Prices on items have been adjusted. Where we were able to negotiate deals, prices have stayed or dropped.  There are some price increases however, mostly wax and fragrances from resellers.  This is  due to increasing freight costs and the adjustment to the CDN/US dollar exchange rate.

Our teaching has moved to www.waxartisanacademy.com .  We do have a few spots open for our Business Minds membership.  If interested, email info@vccandle.com and use the subject line WAA Business Membership.

 Go for a tour and grab $10 OFF

Take a look around and place an order before August 9th.  Use the code "Welcome"  to  get a discount.
  • $10.00 off entire order
  • Minimum purchase of $99.99
  • One use per customer
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 (If you spot any errors, please email info@vccandle.com)

 That's it for now, enjoy the new site.

Sue G