Frequently Asked Questions

As we approach busy season, there are lots of questions.  We will do our best to give you both an answer and a solution.

Q: My email and password do not work.

A: You are on the new site. You will need to re-register, but you can use your email and the same password.

Q: Can I get more details on a product?

A: Check the description for things like dimensions, contents, sizes. Click into the product description to find this.

Q: When will stock be arriving?

A: We have over 800 products from many suppliers.  Some are shipping immediately. Some have shortages or delays.  We will do our best to add information about lengthly delays in the product title.

TIP: Use the EMail Me feature to be notified when product arrives.  In fairness, we will not hold product for customers. Items are added daily as they arrive.

Q: I received part of my order, where's the remainder?

A: We are shipping from multiple warehouses and things may arrive on different days.

TIP: Check the top right corner of your shipping bar code.  It will say if there are multiple pieces.  Check your tracking provided by us, you should be able to see the status of each piece.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: This depends on where you live and which method of shipping you chose.  Allow 2-3 business days for us to pack your order.  The rest is up to the courier schedules.

TIP: Check for delay messages on Canada Post, UPS and CanPar websites before you choose your method of shipping.

Q: My order is short an items.

A: You should receive a refund.  Hopefully this doesn't happen too often with the new site.

Q: I did not receive my tracking information.

A: Be sure to provide us with your email address when you shop online.  Check your junk mail for notifications as well.

Q: Can I place an order and pick it up the same day? Should I just pop in and buy in the store?

A: Orders are done numerically. Items come from different locations. These are different times.  So not likely.  We hate to disappoint. 

TIP: PLEASE, place orders 2-3 days in advance and wait for your Ready for Pick Up notice.  Otherwise, you take the chance that we will not have the product on hand that you drove to get.

Q: How fast are orders leaving?

A: Two to three business days.  We do not process orders on weekends or holidays. 

Q: Can I add something little?

A: We do not have a method of payment.  The item you may wish to add may already be spoken for in another pending order.  During busy season, we will not be altering or adding to orders.

TIP: If you wish to add, we can cancel your original order and you can place a new order. Your order will go into the numeric order.

Q: My order says it is not able to ship to my location.

A: Check your address in Google Maps to see that it will accept the way you have it entered.  If that works, then it may be an issue with inventory on our end.  Notify us at and mention the specific items you are attempting to order.  We will do our best to resolve the issue.

Q: Can I pay when I pick up my order?

A: We would ask that you pay at the time of purchase.  Orders that are not paid risk the chance of being cancelled and returned to inventory for other paying customers.

TIP: We have added the recipes for some of our most popular in-house mixed scents. Check the product description to mix your own if ours is sold through.