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How it all started


I never intended to have a store, an on-line candle supply business or be a manufacturing site. I had a hobby that got out of control and a business background that helped shape it all into what there is today. Now with over 15 years in the business, I consider myself a self-taught wax artist. I have never lost sight of the fact that I started in my basement, like many crafters do. I was drawn to candle making after attending a candle party. After researching what was involved, I decided to try making and selling them.

There were very few Canadian suppliers for candle making items at the time, so I started up a co-op buying group with some friends I had made online. A website followed, and the supply business of Village Craft and Candle was born. A decade later, I continue to teach and mentor those interested in both hobby and business ventures in candle making. The retail store at 158 Queen Street in St. Marys, Ontario is the fourth expansion of the business. The store is well known for its specialization in custom candles and votives in close to 100 fragrances. The last relocation in 2015 has allowed for the addition of the “Candle Bar”, a unique area for classes and interactive experiences for candle makers and visitors alike.

After teaching courses for over ten years, I finally wrote an in-depth candle making course complete with a workbook for those who wish to take online instruction in their home. Many kits are available as well for those interested in trying different styles of candle making. If you call in to the store, you will probably reach Shelby. She is our customer service specialist and tech geek. Leanne is busy packing your orders. Abby, Alta, Amy, Emma, Jadyn and Mary Lou help with wherever the day dictates. I still create and pour our candles for the store and other unique retailers who want something out of the norm. The rest of my time is spent in the office or warehouse, moving everything from the paperwork to skids of wax!

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

Sue Griffiths, Candle Guru and Business Mentor

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Whether you are making candles, bath and body products or any other project that requires scent, we offer a large section of over 300 high quality fragrance oils. We are well known for the consistency and strength of our oils, and we are still carrying premium oils originally designed to our specifications 15 years ago.